Training Helped Me Get Into Shape

Steven Hudson weight loss testimonial

Today I would like to share a little testimonial. Before my workouts started with Luis Gonzalez I struggled with my own weight and personal appearance. I was able to hide it well under extra large shirts and baggier clothes, and I was very good about sucking it in during the summer when I was aware my picture was being taken. Basic training helped me to get into shape however, I struggled when I came home with maintaining that level of fitness on my own. It’s easy to pay for a gym membership but it’s not always so easy to motivate oneself to get up and go. So there for a while I was basically paying my fat tax. Luis and I had talked numerous times at the hospital during our encounters about Fitness and Healthy eating habits, and he invited me one more than one occasion to come and train with him. After having these conversations with him I realized I was only hurting myself by doing nothing. Once I overcame my initial hesitations and took him up on his offer to train me I could feel the change starting within. And now that I’m sitting here actually comparing pictures I can see that change as well. We all have a starting point on our personal journey to fitness & wellness. But persistence and consistency are our keys to success. I’m thankful for being able to see the need for change and for being able act on it. I challenge everyone to maintain their level of commitment as well as to continue looking for ways to improve. Don’t get discouraged if change doesn’t happen overnight, it will come. But only if you’re willing to work hard and remain patient. Good luck everyone, and thank you Luis for guiding me on my journey.