Little Motivation Monday For You

Colby Chase healthy and fit testimonial

Hi guys,

Thought I would give you a little snapshot of my journey so far. I moved back to Raleigh in May and started with LGfit in July. Luis is my neighbor and was a friend far before a trainer. I went through a very tough time during the course of him working with me, and he showed me how to care for myself again. I started out over 200 lbs and in 3 months of diet and training with his plan I looked like a completely different person both physically and mentally at 170. My goal has been to achieve my genetic potential over the course of my life, and he is the one that can definitely get me there. I went to the gym on occasion before, but now I am in the garage with him once a week learning how to use maximum effort with minimum weight. It has changed my outlook on training and at the same time has made my physique much more proportionate. I just want to encourage all of you that this lifestyle is so rewarding, and the process not only challenges you physically, but tests mental strength as well. At this point I run home and have a huge craving for cream of rice because my body knows how it responds to certain things haha. Yes I have balance and eat my share of pizza, ice cream, fast food, alcohol etc… but for me the grind to be different than 99 percent of Americans is powerful. So thanks Luis for tearing my body up and shoving 7 meals a day down my throat ?? and somehow I still have abs. Trust the process, and trust the planner! Thanks Luis